Education coordinator Karen Kennedy will school you

Kennedy, KarenEducation Coordinator Karen Kennedy has one of the more interesting, and enviable, college degrees. She studied Agriculture at Kansas State University, with a major in Horticultural Therapy. For the past 30 years she has been a registered Horticultural Therapist.

The Herb Society of America tapped her talents as Education Coordinator just three years ago. In that role she coordinates educational webinars, gives presentations on herb topics and produces educational materials.

“My goals are to use educational materials and programs to increase HSA awareness and learning opportunities for our members and the public,” says Karen. For example, she contributes to The Herbarist and develops factsheets.

Before joining HSA, Karen shared her talents, for many years, with the neighboring Holden Arboretum. She continues to be active in professional organizations including the HT and Cancer Network Group, and the National Wellness Initiative.


A knitter, Karen made this sweater for a plush dog. The dog was given to a child by Hospice of the Western Reserve.

Karen grows herbs in raised beds and containers at her home. Her favorites tend to be seasonal, with basil topping the list. “I love the versatility and flavor of this herb,” she says. “It pairs well with savory dishes, desserts and beverages.”

“Lemon verbena is a close second since it holds its fragrance and flavor with drying and is lovely in a cup of tea,” she continues. “And, I can’t get through the holidays or grilling season without rosemary.”

Karen lives in Concord, Ohio, with her husband, 7-year-old daughter and a new schnoodle puppy.

In her free time she gardens and knits.

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