Herbs Flavor Best Cocktails of 2015

Of course, herbs are indispensable in the kitchen. But, we often forget they inspire more than a mojito at the bar. Industry magazine Restaurant Hospitality has identified two herb-influenced cocktails among America’s best in 2015.  Thank you RH for permission to share these awards.

Cocktail 1The Seersucker Cocktail

Ferrel Douglas at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans created this rosemary-spiked martini.

“I was inspired by my grandfather, and this is a perfect cocktail for a southern gentleman (or woman) to sip as they sit on the front porch in a seersucker suit,” he says. “He also has a lot of rosemary growing in his yard, so the two are linked in my mind. And when the kitchen at Commander’s had some black cherry vinegar on hand, I knew I had to make a cocktail with it.”

Key Ingredients: Bourbon, Fee Brothers Cordial Syrup, Mandarine Napoleon, Black Cherry Vinegar, lemon, simple syrup, rosemary.

The Shrine BuilderCocktail 2

At  The Whistler in Chicago, creators — Billy Helmkamp, Rob Brenner, Eric Henry – use unusual herb-based ingredients to concoct a lively green beverage.

Key Ingredients: Green Chartreuse, verdita, falernum, lime juice.

Historically, chartreuse liquor has been a blend of alcohol aged with 130 herbs, plants and flowers. Verdita is  a blend of cilantro, mint, jalapenos, lime and pineapple juice. Falernum is a rum-based cordial from Barbados that includes lime, ginger, cloves and almonds.

Now that’s an herbal cocktail.

How do you incorporate herbs in your cocktails?

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