Armchair Gardening Season Begins

armchair_gardening_dreamstime_m_48583763 (1)By Paris Wolfe, Blogmaster, The Herb Society of America

Saturday morning over fried eggs and rye toast at Mary’s Diner, my boyfriend texted me a link to Rodale Organic Life’s “Grow Healthy Plants from Seedlings Every Time.” Yes, he texted me the link though we were in the same booth. (Sheesh. The manners we learn from our kids.)

Fueled by a faux-Fiestaware mug of black coffee and his tall diet Coke, we talked about using a seedling tray and heat mat($15 on to jumpstart Spring. We were greedy about what we might ripen in early July. He wants Rutgers’ tomatoes. Heirloom tomatoes. And more tomatoes. I want to try slow-bolting cilantro and myriad chile peppers.

The sooner we sow, the sooner we reap. Right?

Thirty-two minutes later, I’m in the corner of his milk-chocolate-brown leather sectional with my feet tucked under me. His laptop is balanced on a muted-yellow, square pillow atop my legs. I’m keyboarding my Northeast Ohio address into seed catalog subscription forms. I realize the catalog industry uses mega-tons of paper, but I’m too old to go exclusively digital. I want to dog ear pages and circle “wants” in saturated Sharpie colors. I want to carry the catalog to my pillow and reread until sleep fuses my eyelids. And so, I justify my decision.

By the way, Herb Society of America members should keep in mind that they get a 10% discount from Richters Herb & Vegetable Catalogue and 15% from The Grower’s Exchange. And, many mail order growers offer early-bird discounts through January. Check out web sites for your favorite company.

While I’m waiting for colorful, slick paper catalogs to be mixed with my bills and sale flyers, I’ll settle for shopping online. I already want 10 types of basil, among them Thai, cinnamon, lemon, and lime. I’m uncertain what I’ll use them for, but I visualize various pestos and noodle dishes from around the globe.

Armchair gardening season is here. And, I’m ready.

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