Happy Easter, Happy Spring

Equinox, Easter, spring formalize the beginning of gardening season here in the northeast Midwest. They also foreshadow a plague of garden gobblers, including rabbits.

That’s enough cause for one HSA member to joke, “The only good bunny is a chocolate bunny!”

While parsley and cilantro are among bunny favorites, the little critters like calendula, Echinacea and more. “I couldn’t figure out why my garden wasn’t doing well until I saw a bunny hopping away,” says HSA Board Secretary Rie Sluder. “I have a rabbit fence around Easter, hazel eating parsleymy vegetable garden which works well but I can’t fence everything in so I use coyote urine repellent strategically in flower beds. It sounds kind of disgusting, but it works.  What can you do?”

What do you do to keep animals from eating the harvest before you do?


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