Herb-Inspired Mother’s Day Gifts

By Paris Wolfe, Blogmaster, The Herb Society of America
20160418_122630One of my favorite presents is a vintage, red glass punch bowl with 24 matching cups. It’s simple and classic. And, red. My favorite color.
I love it. Not just for its utility and aesthetics, but for its symbolism. It represents listening. You see, Gary-the-boyfriend, saw me studying it through the antique store window. He paid attention. He “heard’ that I liked it. It was one of the few times in life I received a gift that I wanted, not what someone wanted to give me.

That’s a rare happening. How often do we give the gift someone wants? Mother’s Day is an opportunity to do that. And, if my sons are listening (or reading this), anything herbal would make me happy.

20160315_135105Maybe your mom is an herb aficionado and, like me, would like something representational. Or, better yet, a combination of thyme and time.

Consider the following …

  • A trip to a garden center. Together
  • A few hours weeding. Together
  • An adventure to gather alpaca poop. (A great soil amendment.)Together.
  • A visit to a public garden. Or promise of monthly dates. Together.
  • Membership to The Herb Society of America. Or two.

These can always be combined with herb-themed jewelry, gift certificates, shiny shovels, garden books.

Mom and iAs for my mom, I’ll go to her church because it touches her. We’ll have brunch – maybe an herb-spiked omelet — on her mom’s china. Then, we can hit the garden center. Back home, I’ll help her with a container garden or maybe an herb-inspired fairy garden.

What are you doing for your mom on Mother’s Day?

4 thoughts on “Herb-Inspired Mother’s Day Gifts

  1. For Mother’s Day, I’m taking my mother to the CT unit and the LI unit symposiums. She is traveling over Mother’s Day weekend so I won’t get to see her at that time.

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