Keep a Garden Journal

By Paris Wolfe, Blogmaster, The Herb Society of America

20160427_190502This year I’ll keep an herb garden journal.  During May, I expect to put a lot of energy into my personal diary of garden activity and results.  As summer progresses I expect to slow garden journal 2down.

My journal will be creative and whimsical, as well as a truly strategic tool to improve my future gardens. I’ve kept records, but this year I will be more comprehensive and organized.  
I looked at journals on and in Barnes and Noble. Then, viola! I spent $3 at a garage sale for a three-ring binder covered in handmade paper and dried flowers.  I prefer a three-ring binder because I can add, remove, shuffle pages.

Next step? The journal interior.

An internet search turned up downloadable journals as well as software options.  I prefer to keep records while sitting on the porch. So, I built my journal with different pages from 20160427_095704different sites.

2016 Garden Journal, from ARBICO Organics

Frugal Living Garden Journal

Each page I chose to use, I printed on heavy card stock from an office supply store. I put these pages in plastic sleeves. Three-hole punches are another option. I find plastic sleeves superior when filing drawings, seed packets a
nd other scrapbook items.

 Potential pages for any Garden Journal include

  • Goals, for each plot
  • Drawings, for each plot
  • Shopping list
  • To-do list
  • Weekly
  • Seeds pockets
  • Seed planting notes
  • Transplant pockets – for soil picks
  • Transplant notes, source of plants
  • Soil analysis
  • Fertilizer application date and type
  • Weather of note
  • Weekly reflections
  • Monthly notes

garden journal 1As needed, I will add idea pages torn from books and magazines. And, pictures as my garden plots progress through the weeks. These will be important to cheer me in the winter and, like my weekly reflections, help me plan for 2017 and beyond.

How do you keep garden records? How do you journal?


3 thoughts on “Keep a Garden Journal

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  2. A little too much work for what I want to put into, but very expansive and great ideas. I will definitely use some of them.


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