Exterior Decorating with Garden Art

bird bathBy Paris Wolfe, Blogmaster, The Herb Society of America

When summer arrives on the North Coast my living space expands to my gardens. These summer rooms are decorated with flowers and art. I try to keep it simple and limited. But, with so many options, it’s hard. I love metalwork, sundials, birdbaths, birdfeeders, birdhouses, lights, benches, pots …
I must rein in my childish impulses or look like a clutterbug. I must forego things related to birds – except a bath – because, at this cat lady’s house, they become “catfeeders.” Centered in my pollinator garden, my birdbath is actually a giant water bowl for Midnightgarden heart the cat.

Bee balm frames a heart-shaped piece of driftwood accented with industrial metal and delicate glass. The front walk, with its lemon thyme border, has ironwork for height. And, I’ve tucked a cement angel near the front door.

I’ve extended my pieces to the boyfriend’s house at this point … perhaps, my favorite is catnip planted between a double birdhouse (no cats here). The irony cracks me up.


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