Perfume for the Room

By Paris Wolfe, Blogmaster, The Herb Society of America

Chateau_Lafayette_SG5Z6GaEfbIISCVpBhjXhZn_rgb_72 (1).jpgAfter a soggy ride through the rainy Allegheny mountains of western Pennsylvania, Gary and I slid from the seat of our rented Harley-Davidson trike and slipped off our rainsuits. Fluffing up my helmet hair, I stood straighter, applied Urban Decay’s Rapture lipstick and swept through the door at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in southwestern Pennsylvania.

At that point, I made a mental transition from biker babe to glamourous guest. Once inside, I wanted to wrap myself in the lobby air. It had a clean, herbaceous note that matched my perception of myself as both strong and feminine. I looked around for the perfumed person. I wanted it for my own.

I didn’t see her anywhere as we strolled past priceless art on our way to dinner at Autumn restaurant. That’s when I realized the fragrance was following me. It was actually a signature scent of the property itself. This wasn’t grandma’s potpourri, this was scent sophistication.

So, I got in touch with the resort’s public relations person Mindy and she pointed me to Air Aroma, which provides perfume for the room on a commercial scale. This isn’t a sharp scent with a chemical edge. This is “air couture.”aroscent
And how. Nemacolin’s fragrance – White Tea – creates a signature brand. Smell it, think Nemacolin.

Air Aroma’s marketing notes:

Our sense of smell is believed to affect 75 percent of our daily emotions. The close connection between the olfactory gland, which registers smell, and the limbic system, that governs emotion and memories, is the power behind our sense of smell.

Scent receptors in the nose connect directly to the section of the brain that is responsible for memory and emotion. This is why a smell has the ability to transport you to a certain time and place, linking back to a particular memory or feeling.

Humans are able to recognize approximately 10,000 different odors, and what’s more remarkable, we are able recall smells with 65% accuracy after a year, in contrast to only 50% of visuals after three months.

Of course, that’s little surprise to those of us in the herb world. We already know the relaxing power of lavender and the energizing effects of peppermint. Air Aroma takes it one step further. And, I want to take that step with them. I want to go beyond traditional room sprays. So, I’m going to experience. You can do the same by …

For those who are curious, Air Aroma describes White Tea as such …fragrance-blotter

Fragrance Notes
Top notes: Green Leaf
Middle notes: Rose, Orris, Apricot, Jasmine, White Tea Leaves
Base notes: Musk

To learn more visit Air Aroma

What’s your herbal fragrance pleasure?

2 thoughts on “Perfume for the Room

  1. I am beyond happy that you posted about this. I have been wondering about Nemacolin’s seemingly intoxicating scent for years. Now – to try and chase it down!


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