Herb Society Overhauls Website

By Paris Wolfe, Blogmaster, The Herb Society of America

When Internet Service Providers finally found speed in the 1990s, I spent plenty of time surfing the web for information. In fact, websites replaced sitcoms for me.  I immersed myself in information. Then, overwhelmed, I cut the cord. I use the web now to find information as needed.  It’s like a library at my fingertips.

website-brentThe Herb Society of America’s new, improved website is taking me back in time. I can’t stop surfing the information-rich pages. It’s encyclopedic in breadth and comprehensive in depth.  And, the public thinks so too.

“We’ve gotten a MAJOR increase in visitors to our site,” says editor Brent DeWitt, who led the task of updating and improving the website. The changes to the old site proved so substantial that it required rebuilding the site from the ground up to take advantage of new internet capabilities and to better display HSA’s robust content.

Brent worked with the executive director Katrinka Morgan and the website committee – headed by Rie Sluder – in partnership Meg Higgins at Firespring.org, the website developers who built the architecture of the site.

“We have 200-plus pages contain news, trends, plant quick facts, downloadable webinars, searchable recipes, research and member-only content,” says Brent. “and content is growing every day.”

“We’ve had 30 percent more exposure general searches (like Googling),” says Brent.  “We’ve had interest rise 1000 percent for grant and scholarship opportunities. And recipes viewers have grown 265 percent.”

“People are finding our new site and staying for the information,” he says. “We’re proud of the final product and hope viewers find it useful.”

A click on the first tab – LEARN – addresses readers most frequent and basic questions.

  1. What is an herb?
  2. Herb gardening basics
  3. 10 favorite herbs
  4. HSA plant profile fact sheets
  5. HSA plants in depth guides
  6. Recipes
  7. Herbal wellness
  8. Sustainable gardening practices
  9. Herb cutting guide
  10. Composting


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