We Rank First In Top 30 Herbal Blogs

By Paris Wolfe, Blogmaster, The Herb Society of Americaparis-in-lavender

I was at my keyboard wearing my pink Eiffel Tower pajamas, a bit overwhelmed by the dozen stories on my to-do list and chilled by the snowy Ohio weather outside my front room window. So I took a break and scrolled through email. When what to my wondering eyes should appear?
A missive announcing this as the top-ranked herbal blog, as measured by Feedspot, creator of a content-reader tool. That’s right; The Herb Society of America’s blog tops the list of 30 most popular herb blogs!!!

no-one-blog-feedspotI was surprised, proud and humbled by the announcement. Whatever joyful noise I expressed startled the two cats that haunt my desk. I work alone at home, so they had the only ears to hear me.  I hadn’t entered a contest or applied for an award. So I googled Feedspot and was satisfied that the results were legit.

I am particularly proud of stories about foragingreplacing tobacco crops with Chinese herbs and the importance of native herbs. I look for new andinteresting topics to research and write about as well as the less obvious, such as those items that go beyond medicinal or familiar culinary usage.

These topics have refreshed the blog with six to eight posts each month since July 2015. While I’ve written many of the 150-plus posts, readers enjoy the voices of guest herbalists and garden writers as well.

It’s heartening to know that — in addition to you regular readers — HSA’s blog captured the attention (and accolades!) of the herbal blog industry.

Going forward I hope to live up to the award. And I continue to welcome ideas and guest authors. For more information contact me at pariswolfe@yahoo.com. 

Feedspot. is a content-reader built especially for power users who want to save time and track favorite blogs in one place. Using a content reader helps track up with customized top information sources – content comes straight to you, saving the time to go and check every site individually.


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