A Handful of Herb Garden Hacks

By Rickie Wilson, Guest Blogger

diaperDiaper plant moisture: Diapers help potted plants retain water control.  Simply purchase a size to fits the bottom of your pot. Trim away the plastic edges of the diaper. Place diaper in the pot bottom with the absorbent side up. Then, plant. The diaper will keep your plants moist for days after watering.

Seed tape: Instead of purchasing costly seed tape make some; this works great for tiny seeds.  Unwrap a strip of double-ply toilet paper and mist it with water.  Space the seeds down the center of the paper according to spacing instructions on the seed packet. A great idea for this hack is to alternate the tiny seeds of radishes and carrots. When the radishes sprout they mark the row and help to break the ground.

Toy planter:  We had an old Tonka dump truck that belonged to our sons who are now in their 30s and 40s. Needless to say it was well worn and loved.  A good clean-up, a quick Toy-truck-plantercoat of paint and a few succulents later and we had a lovely planter for the patio which gave us wonderful memories.

Photo seed organizer:   Use old photo organizers with plastic pockets to store seed packets.  Write the date of purchase on the seed packet. Organize the collection by season, garden area or any way you’d like.

Plastic fork pest control:  Placing plastic forks, tines up, strategically throughout the garden will deter small garden pests.

Self-cleaning/sharpening garden tool holder:  Paint and seal a medium or large garden pot inside and out.  Cover the bottom hole securely with duct tape. Next fill a similar size bucket with a small bag of play grade sand. Mix 20 to 30 ounces of plain mineral oil or baby oil with the sand. Now fill your decorated pot with the sand and tamp it down. Insert your garden tools. The sand will sharpen the tools each time you remove and replace. The oil will keep them rust free.

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