Ode to The Green Man


May Day holds special meaning in the gardening world. With that in mind Jackie Johnson  –  Planhigion Herbal Learning Center, Northeast Wisconsin Unit of the Herb Society of America ––  has crafted the following ode to The Green Man. The Green Man is an ancient and multi-cultural symbol of rebirth associated with the cycle of growth each spring.


The Green Man
Jackie Johnson ND

Green man green man walk with me
Through the forest down to the sea.

I see you hiding amidst the green
Please show yourself not remain unseen.

Spring is here the greens we see,
Take my hand dear spirit and talk with me.

Green man green man walk with me
There is much beauty for us to see.

We’ll cross the creek on the rickety bridge
And converse with the trees on the old oak ridge.

Through the meadow we’ll pick wild flowers
And weave them to garlands for hours and hours.

Under the hawthorn tree we can rest
And perhaps join the fairies in their Spring Fest.

Your spirit is timeless thru the ages
Seen only by wise men, enchantresses and sages.

I’ll wait for you by the old elder tree
Green man green man please walk with me.







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