Herbs Build Fragrances for Sweet Anthem

By Paris Wolfe, Blogmaster, The Herb Society of America

Sweet anthem logMarisa Borrevik has spent several months working with essential oils and has created three new, all-natural fragrances for Sweet Anthem perfumes.  They’re now available via mail order.  Herbal notes play a role in creating delight in these zeitgeist-based fragrances.

Sweet Anthem, in the Pacific Northwest, offers artisan fragrances that are 100% vegan, have an organic base and are made by hand in small batches. Marisa’s efforts were covered here last year.

sweet anthem times“Developing the ‘Timeless Collection’ concept was easy,” says Marisa. “I knew right away what time periods I wanted to evoke. Getting there took me months of just playing with different scents and amounts. There were quite a few times I was worried I wouldn’t take the fragrance where I wanted it to go.”

  • 1948 BEGINNINGS is a tribute to Marisa’s mom and named for her birth year. “I wanted the product to smell refreshing, and sweet like the beginning of a new day,” explains Marisa. “1948 is a blend of frankincense, honeysuckle, jasmine, vetiver and a few other essential oils and absolutes.”
  • 1969 REVOLUTION was inspired by the 1960s, all things Beatles and the emerging counterculture so the scent is meant to be earthy and rebellious. It has notes of sandalwood, oakmoss, tuberose, benzoin and a hint of Moroccan rose.Sweet anthem 1969
  • 2020 HOPE, she says, “was by far the easiest to formulate. I feel there is a lot going on in today’s political climate that is troubling, confusing and sometimes just plain crazy. 2020 HOPE had to be something uplifting and comforting, and it was easy to begin with notes of yuzu and vanilla and build from there using lavender, amyris and tonka bean.”

You can reach her at marisa@sweetanthem.com.


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