Editorial: As Medical Costs Rise, Will People Use More Herbs?

By Paris Wolfe, Blogmaster, The Herb Society of America

20170814_150549Given the rising cost of health care, I wonder if more people are turning to herbal medicine to address symptoms and seek treatment. While I’ve been skeptical and gone the “easy” route of modern medicine, I’m starting to think differently.

I have a summer cold … raging sore throat, swollen sinuses, puffy glands and general acheyness. I’ve waited a few days to see if it will resolve. It’s hasn’t. At this point I’d usually see my doctor. I’d pay my $35 deductible and get my Rx for $10 and be done with it.

That was until this year’s insurance plan. I have a $5,000 deductible. One doctor’s visit costs me $100 and my prescription adds another $40. Do the math. Last year I paid $45, this year I pay $140.  The increase hurts. Almost as much as my throat.

And so, I begin to overthink my situation — Am I overreacting to a simple cold? Or is this bad enough for a medical appointment? Am I being cheap? Am I being a baby? What should I do?

20170814_150557Because I’m developing a light rash, I’m going for a strep test. And, if it’s positive I will get antibiotics. (P.S. It was negative.)

In the meantime, I’m adjusting my philosophy about herbal medicine and adopting a new, three-step process

  • Identify immune system-boosting measures and supplements from the herbal world. Add them to my routine.
  • Learn about herb-based treatments for symptoms. Use them when appropriate.
  • Seek modern medicine when deemed necessary.

My goal is to be healthier in body and budget.

How are you using herbs in your approach to health and wellness?


7 thoughts on “Editorial: As Medical Costs Rise, Will People Use More Herbs?

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  2. You blog for the Herb Society, and know little about herbs? WHAT? Maybe you should have bought the books and read them before you started writing about herbs.


  3. I think this is a crucial time for people to begin learning about how herbs work medicinally and how they are not like pharmaceuticals. Yes, people are starting to use herbs like over the counter drugs and that is not how herbs work. And it’s unfortunate because for so many years learning about herbs medicinally was seen as in congruent with medical assistance and now most people get their information about herbs from the marketing strategies of supplement companies. Nourishment, lifestyle changes, shifting perspective of what it means to get sick and really understanding the anatomy and physiology of the body are key points to understand before herb studies begin. I recommend these books to beginners: The Herbalist’s Way by Nancy and Michael Phillips; Healing Wise by Susun Weed; Family Herbal by Rosemary Gladstar.

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  4. I have been keeping a sprig of Holy Basil in my yeti water glass for the last several years. It is wonderful for the immune system. PS I haven’t even had a cold since summer of 2013!!
    We are blessed in East Texas to be able to grow this and many other herbs for a very long season, then I take a cutting of the Holy Basil to grow in my greenhouse during the few winter months so I have it year round.
    Look up the health benefits of Holy Basil!

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