Top 10 Herb Society Blog Posts

By Paris Wolfe, Blogmaster, The Herb Society of America

After two years of blogging I’ve examined which posts have received the most clicks. The list below represents different topics, styles and interests. I hope you have fun rediscovering (or discovering) the content.

20170814_095900 (2)

  1. What to do with Garlic Scapes … Learn what to do with this garlic plant bonus from Madison, Ohio, Farmer Maggie Fusco.
  2. Fredericksburg Herb Farm: A Lifestyle Approach to Herbs … Spend the night(s) sleeping and dining at a real herb farm in Texas.
  3. Lavender Inspires Second Career for Wisconsin Retirees… Read about Martine and Edgar Anderson who turned their dream of a lavender farm into reality.
  4. Sweet Anthem Fragrances to go Herbal … Hear how Marisa Borrevik uses herbs to create fragrances for Sweet Anthem perfumes.
  5. You Can Grow Herbs in Winter … Conquer winter weather with tabletop technology to grow herbs indoors year ‘round.
  6. Any Mint But Peppermint … Laugh with member Jen Lenharth as she waxes whimsically about her dislike of peppermint.
  7. image001Discover the Best Lavender for Cooking … Explore the best lavender cultivars for cooking.
  8. Herb of March: Discovering Amaranth … Discover amaranth, an herb used as a grain.
  9. Mexican Tarragon … Uncover the history and uses of Mexican Tarragon.
  10. Meet Mountain Rose Herbs … Learn about a top mail-order company that makes and distributes sustainably harvested, organic, herbs, spices, and botanical products.

What’s your favorite post from The Herb Society of America Blog? Mine is probably Consortium Creating U.S. Source of Chinese Medicinal Herbs.

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