HSA Blogmaster Returns from Adventure

20180217_095834By Paris Wolfe, Blogmaster, Herb Society of America

It’s been a while, but I’m still here. Or actually I’m back. Thanks for your patience while I’ve been on a three-month RV adventure through the Southwest.

You see I live in Northeast Ohio – growing zone 6a. While my boyfriend isn’t a gardener, he prefers growing zones with more sunshine. So, when he retired on January 5, we took off for those climates on January 7. It was just 3 F, but our 40-foot Tiffin Phaeton made it down the snowy driveway and to I-90

Grand Canyon (43)During the past three months we’ve spent time in Tuscon, Phoenix, San Diego, Palm Springs, Big Sur, Sonoma County, Napa Valley, Grand Canyon and so many other places. Throughout the trip I’ve looked at varied soils and wondered what might grow in them.  I’ve had a Native American guide show me wild medicinal plants. I’ve admired rosemary and lavender in landscaping. I lucked into the date harvest and orange blossom seasons. Mostly I’ve just enjoyed all things garden-related.

Highway One -Carmel to Big Sur (106) - CopyWhile I didn’t find opportunities to research or write about herbs during the trip, I am developing travel stories for a local newspaper. If you’re interested you can find the first of them Tombstone Preserves 1880s Mining Town. I’m working on at least six more stories. You will find them published, eventually, at Paris Wolfe on Travel + Food.

Stay tuned to this Word Press Channel as more blog posts are coming your way.

4 thoughts on “HSA Blogmaster Returns from Adventure

  1. If anyone is interested….there is a very cool weekly newsletter out called Gastro Obscura- they detail cool and sometimes weird foodways around the world. Herbs have been highlighted!


  2. I would have loved for you to focus on the herbs in each region that you visit . Everyone uses their herbs differently . Herbs , foods , & practices. Linda Fránzo , New Orleans unit


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