Celebrate National Herb Day on May 5

By Maryann Readal, HSA Secretary

043Every day is Herb Day for me.  From strolling in my garden to see which herb is blooming or needs some TLC to clipping some herbs to liven up the day’s meals. Herbs always have something to offer.

That is precisely why we are celebrating herbs on May 5.  They always have something to give – flavor, aroma, beauty, history, medicine, and nutrients for us and for many of our beautiful pollinator species.

National Herb Day is a day set aside by a coalition of nonprofit herb groups as a day “to celebrate the importance of herbs and herbalism and the ways herbs can be used safely and creatively for health, beauty, and culinary enjoyment.”   With an interesting assortment of Herb Day activities planned all over the country, these groups hope to bring herbal communities together to send a positive message about herbs and their uses.   Knowledge of herbs increases informed use of them and increases the enjoyment of them as well.

Check the Herb Day web page for a listing of Herb Day events. There may be something happening in your area.

If there are no events in your area, celebrate Herb Day anyway by planting an herb or two in your garden, by reading about herbs on the Herb Society of America website, or by using herbs in the meals you prepare that day.

Celebrate HERBS not only on May 5 but every day of the year.

3 thoughts on “Celebrate National Herb Day on May 5

  1. I’m very interested in this celebration day. I am confused, though. In New Orleans , we celebrated on the 4/23 & last year on 4/28. I think this may have been a date set by the international herb society? I feel it would become a bigger event day if every hen organization celebrated on the same United day. I’m glad you wrote about this. I was unaware that the first Saturday in May is the official day Herb Society celebrates. Now you have brought this front & center. My other question is ,”Why isn’t Herb Society if America” in with the other 5 groups? We should have representation on this Herb Day Council. I will bring this to the Edcon meeting in Tarrytown. Hope to see you there.


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