Use Chalk Paint in the Herb Garden

20180510_065033.jpgBy Paris Wolfe, Blogmaster, The Herb Society of America

When I was having a personal crisis nine years ago I spent weekend nights spray painting thrift store furniture. I masked off the garage and painted everything one color – black.  Black dresser, black bookshelves, black desk, black jewelry armoire, black stools. Instead of beat-up and second-hand, my new-to-me pieces had an on-trend, unified look worthy of Pinterest.

Today, I’m still addicted to black spray paint. With a twist. I just love chalkboard paint.

When my garden pots need a little freshening this year, I sprayed them with chalkboard paint. When a cheap tin bucket needed repurposing, I sprayed it black and used white chalk to print an herb name. When labeling my herbs, I sprayed markers black and used a white Sharpie to mimic chalk.

Here’s what happens when you play with chalkboard paint and herb gardening.

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