8 Garden Podcasts to Grow Your Knowledge

By Katie Dubow, Creative Director at Garden Media

I’m a big fan of talk radio especially NPR. So when podcasts exploded in popularity I was thrilled. For those unfamiliar with podcasts, they are audio programs (usually music or talk) in digital format for automatic download over the Internet. Kind of like themed talk radio you can download and play when convenient.

Intrigued?  Here are eight of my favorite gardening podcasts in 2018. Download to your mobile device, insert earbuds and go play in the soil.

Still Growing Garden Podcast 6ftmamaStill Growing … Master Gardner Jennifer Ebeling — aka 6ftmama — hosts the “Still Growing” podcast. She brings attention to the “joys of digging in the dirt” and helps people succeed in the garden. She interviewed me recently about 2018 Garden Trends.http://6ftmama.com/still-growing/

A Way to Garden … Famous for her long career as a garden writer (she was the first garden editor at Martha Stewart magazine), Margaret Roach knows her stuff. Her podcast, A Way to Garden, attracts some of her ‘friends’ from her 25-year career. https://awaytogarden.com/category/etcetera/radio-podcasts/

Plantrama … Garden writers C.L. Fornari and Ellen Zachos team up for this fun and conversational podcast, Plantrama. Their tagline —“science, art, and dinner, it’s all in your own backyard”—covers the approach taken by the hosts. Listening to the podcast makes is like a neighborly chat with the two informative women. https://www.plantrama.com/

podcastYou Bet Your Garden …Mike McGrath hosts the popular radio show “You Bet Your Garden.” Past episodes are available via podcast. He takes phone calls from the public about everything from selective bird feeding to clearing weeds from your walkway. https://www.npr.org/podcasts/381443696/you-bet-your-garden

 Slow Flowers … Debra Prinzing is the host and creator of” Slow Flowers,” based on a movement she started in 2008 to bring attention to responsible U.S. flower farmers. She soon found herself on a journey to educate people about the U.S. flower market and to share stories of the incredible, hard-working flower farmers doing it right. Her passion shines through in her voice. Listen to Garden Media talk with Debra about 2018 Garden Trends. http://www.debraprinzing.com/category/slow-flowers-podcast

podcast 2In Defense of Plants…Plant geeks unite! “In Defense of Plants” and its plant-obsessed host Matt Candeias are on a mission to cure plant blindness. Candeias interviews people from the Royal Botanic Gardens to botanists from around the world to shine a light on work promoting plant conservation. New gardeners beware, if you can get past the Latin, it’s worth the listen. www.indefenseofplants.com

On the Ledge… Instagram aficionado and garden writer — she was garden editor at the Guardian in London — Jane Perrone drops her knowledge in “On the Ledge.” Focused on indoor gardening, Jane covers everything from the trendiest plants to how to water. She answers questions and takes to Instagram to give advice and tips on houseplants. http://www.janeperrone.com/

Hothouse…This new gardening podcast from Leah Churner is just starting to root. The relatively new podcast is about design, ecology, and the way we garden now. It intends to broadcast monthly.  www.hothousepodcast.com/

What are your favorite podcasts? What are your favorite episodes? 

Katie McCoy Dubow is creative director at Garden Media Group, a public relations firm that specializes in the lawn and garden industry. At work you can find her enhancing brands’ reputations, building killer campaigns and launching new products. Her goal is to convince people that brown thumbs can, in fact, be turned green. In her spare time she practices Bikram yoga and watches the sunset with her husband, daughters, dogs and chickens in their garden.

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