Steep Tea Revv’s Blends with Benefits

By Paris Wolfe, Blogmaster, The Herb Society of America

About the bus copy.jpgYou know that gap year between high school and university that judgy people frown upon? Sometimes it turns out well. Consider Joe Howard. In 2011, the 18-year old Joe, who lacked business experience, decided to become a tea entrepreneur. So he bought a Richard Branson business book and rented a vacant storefront in Bakewell, Derbyshire, England.

Like many tea entrepreneurs Joe thought he could sell proper tea and exciting blends better than others. With the creation of Tea Revv he aimed to make loose leaf tea understandable, easy to try, and easy to buy. Tea Revv takes the mystery out of tea and makes it more accessible. Buyers aren’t required to brew English Breakfast at 97.5 degrees for 240 seconds precisely.  They are required to enjoy tea.


Today he offers traditional and irreverent blends that range from Oriental Beauty to Cookie Dough black tea to Watermelon Oolong. The majority of the 100 blends combine Camellia sinensis with spices, herbs, nuts, fruits and flavors.

“We look for exciting and interesting ingredients that complement each other well,” says Joe. “For example the Watermelon Oolong is a light delicate oolong, blended with juicy watermelon flavors and papaya pieces to give an interesting refreshing brew.”

For those wanting to create their own blends Joe says, “Keep it simple. Choose a base tea or herb that you like. You can then add a smaller amount of another herb/tea or some fruits, flowers, or spices. Try to pick ingredients which complement each other but it’s really up to you. Have fun, experiment and find what you like the best. “

BlendsTea Revv’s most unusual and interesting tea – Lil Tulsi – reflects the world’s interest in Holy Basil. But Joe’s favorite is Golden Turmeric. “This has green tea, black tea, turmeric and ginger pieces. It’s a complex blend with a tingle of ginger which looks and tastes amazing.”

To be playful Tea Revv has created a selection of blends called “Blends with Benefits” which was launched on Kickstarter and is now 128% funded. And, they are currently working on winter blends for the launch of a tea advent calendar in early September.

Teas are available online and shipped throughout the world.

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