Meet Writer Kathleen Hale

Kathleen Hale hops

In school, Kathleen was that bossy little girl who asked too many questions, raised her hand too often, and usually had a book hidden on her lap under the desk.  So the teachers allowed her to spend much of each school day in the library, and forgot she was there.  At least, they said they forgot.

After attaining a dual major in English and History, with substantial Minors in Philosophy and Anthropology (known as an Unemployment Major), she earned a Juris Doctor degree and began to practice Law in a Corporate Law Department.  Which also had a library.

Kathleen Hale poison labAlong the way, Kathleen married a nice man, and they combined their personal libraries and had five children.  Having decided to stay home to raise and read to the children, Kathleen is proud to note that her house is a little crazy, but she can do very good character voices for all the Harry Potter books.  Now a sprightly and spirited widow and mother of the most marvelous mostly adult children imaginable, Kathleen has found herself writing highly peculiar blog posts about one of her passionate interests, gardening.  This allows her to contemplate all the brilliant gardens and gardeners that have been part of her life thus far.  It also allows her a good excuse to immerse herself in plant books, and put to good use all that expensive education in English, History, Philosophy and Anthropology.

Kathleen HKathleen is a member of the Western Reserve Unit of the Herb Society of America, and lives in Chagrin Falls, Ohio with her children and many dogs.

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