HSA Blog Ranks in Top 25

Feedspot badge herbal medicineThe Herb Society of America’s Blog ranked among the top 25 medicinal herb blogs in the world, according to FeedSpot.

FeedSpot is a content-reader or digest. It helps readers track top information sources in a category, thus saving the time it takes to check each individual site.

FeedSpot’s Anuj Agarwal says, “ Subscribe to these Herbal Medicine websites because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information.”

HSA has been publishing a blog since 2013. Blogmaster Paris Wolfe took over in July 2015 to bring consistency and twice-weekly frequency to the blog. To date the blog has published nearly 300 posts by a variety of experts, reaching thousands of readers each month.

Check out the entire list of 25 Top Herbal Medicine Blogs.

2 thoughts on “HSA Blog Ranks in Top 25

  1. Congratulations! The blog does a great job educating its readers on the history and uses of medicinal herbs with the caveat that you check with your health care provider before experimenting or using them. I have learned so much by reading the blog.


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