Thai Basil – Herb of the Month for May

thai-basil-1.jpgDid you know that Thai basil, Ocimum basilicum, has purple stems? Or that it has a spicier taste than sweet basil? Like all basils, Thai basil thrives best when soil temperature reach about 70 degrees. Its thicker leaves tend to hold up well when used in cooking. As its name indicates, Thai basil is perfect for Southeast Asian stir fries and curries. It is a kitchen staple in Thailand.

The color and arrangement of the flowers on the stems makes it an attractive plant in the garden as well.

For more information and recipes using this beautiful, anise-licorice scented basil, go to The Herb Society of America’s Herb of the Month webpage.

One thought on “Thai Basil – Herb of the Month for May

  1. Love that this is the Herb of the month, this is my first year growing Thai Basil and I feel like it is my herb of the moth too!


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