Herbs from the Witch’s Garden

By Jen Munson, HSA Education Chair

webinar Jackson witch

2019Grab the latest issue of HSA’s The Herbarist and gather around the cauldron to learn about herbs from the witch’s garden with author and guest speaker, Andrea Jackson. Much of what we know about herbs and plants belongs to early witches who were called upon to know their plants and potions. Although witches were often associated with doing the devil’s work, there were many others who were “wise women” going about the business of bringing healing through plants, roots, and herbs, along with chanting, healing, and love potions.

Plan to join us on October 22nd at 1pm eastern as Andrea Jackson shares with us, “Herbs from the Witch’s Garden.” With the cool weather and shortened days leaving long shadows, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn what plants made witches fly and perhaps leave you inspired to create a spell of your own.

Webinars are free to members. Non members are charged a nominal fee of $5.00. Can’t make the date? Register anyway as recorded webinars are sent to all registrants.

webinar jacksonAndrea Jackson Bio: Andrea is a member of The Herb Society of America’s Western Pennsylvania Unit. Andrea started her herbal adventure over 30 years ago after attending an herb walk led by the Piccadilly Herb Club, of which she ultimately became a member. When she lived in Baltimore, she was a founding member of Partners in Thyme. She also belongs to the American Herbalists Guild and the American Botanical Council.

Herbs aside, Andrea is a registered nurse and a Master Gardener and lectures extensively to groups ranging from professional organizations to garden clubs.  She was featured on the local affiliate of ABC news in a segment on medicinal herbs.

Her particular interests are with the medicinal uses of herbs, herbal lore, and weeds, which she considers to be the first herbs.  When she is not spreading the herbal gospel, she is tucked away in her herb room formulating various concoctions.

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