Membership Raffle Drawing

By: Cheryl Skibicki


Herb Society of America Headquarters, Kirtland, Ohio

Hello, Herb Society of America members! We would have loved to do this new member raffle drawing with all of you in Charleston, SC, next week, but we hope you and your families are staying home and are in good health. Thanks so much to all of our members who share our love of herbs.

We had 317 new members join us in the past year! Whether they found us through social media, attended a webinar, or were referred by a friend, they all add value to our community of herbal enthusiasts. We’re picking one winner per district to receive one-year of free membership, a $55 value. This raffle was open to anyone who let us know that they recruited a friend to join us in the past year.

Names were drawn out of mason jars from the home office of our Membership Coordinator, Cheryl. Those jars will now be filled with dried herbs, pickled ramps, and Winnerother herbal concoctions. Read on to find out who our lucky winners are:

Central District

Winner: Tricia H. from the Wisconsin Unit

Great Lakes District

Winner: Krystyna W. from the Central Ohio Unit

Mid-Atlantic District

Winner: The Pennsylvania Heartland Unit

After referring Marcia G., who joined us in April 2019, the PA Heartland Unit will get to award one-year of free membership to one of their members!

Northeast District

Winner: Roxanne V. from the New York Unit

South Central District

Winner: Sherrie T. from the Pioneer Unit

Southeast District

Winner: Debbie B. who is a Member At Large

West District

Winner: The Northern California Unit

After referring Deborah M., who joined us in August, the Northern California Unit will get to award one-year of free membership to one of their members!

Congratulations to all our winners!

Not a member of The Herb Society of America? Join now and become a part of the herbal Thankyouexcitement. Benefits of membership include discounts, Reciprocal Admissions to over 300 public gardens and arboreta, free webinars, newsletters, and The Herbarist, the Herb Society’s annual publication. As always, thank you for your support, which makes our work possible.

CherylSCheryl Skibicki joined The Herb Society of America in December, 2019, as the Membership & Development Coordinator at Headquarters. She got her start exploring the fields and forests of Western New York, fundraising for farm to school education in Nevada, farming in Washington, harvesting honey in Montana, and is now planting roots in Ohio. Her “herbal” journey began with an epiphany in a nettle patch that she mistook for mint. Her nose stung for a good while afterward!


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