The Bookshelf: The Herb Lover’s Spa Book

The Bookshelf: The Herb Lover’s Spa Book

Review by: Paris Wolfe, Blogmaster, The Herb Society of America

pg37 HLSBDraw a bath, drop in lavender essential oil, fluff an oversized towel, silence your mobile phone. OR slouch into your favorite garden chair, with sassy sunglasses and a sweating glass of iced tea.

Designate a relaxation place in your own space. Then, cozy up with The Herb Lover’s Spa Book by Sue Goetz (St. Lynn’s Press, 2015, $18.95).

Put a journal and pen nearby. When you’ve dried off from the bath or finished your tea, you’ll want to create a list. Goetz uses 19 herbs to build 50 recipes. You might harvest the botanicals, but you’ll want a shopping list for salts, oils, packaging and more.

Hers are recipes for women of the 2010s. Sophisticated and easy on your time. Peppermint foot soak uses four ingredients; lavender green tub tea uses just two. Not sure how to package your final products? The lush images throughout the hardcover book are inspiring: Canning jars, antique glassware, ribbons and tags.

Goetz says her creative drive inspires her garden. “I tend to think ‘What can I make with this plant?’ before I put it in my garden,” she says. Working with these herbs through time has been both inspiration and test laboratory for her.

“The recipes I have included are ones that I have made over the years,” she notes. “But I must say I am always experimenting, refining and learning with new ideas, recipes and keeping up with the study of what herbs can do for us.”

pg102 HLSBWhile she doesn’t claim a favorite recipe, she admits, “The ones I tend to make regularly are the lavender salt scrub because it is a nice way to treat my hands after a day of gardening; and rose water or lavender water in a spray bottle is a refresher to lift the mood in my office or a mist of fragrance on my clothes and hair as I go out the door.”

Goetz has chosen both her bathroom and garden as relaxation spaces. “This morning I hung a fresh bundle of eucalyptus (I grew it in a pot over the summer) from the shower to clear my head and have a mini-spa moment. The house still smells wonderful,” she says. “In the garden, I have a comfy wicker chair that gives me a quiet retreat space.”

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