2019 HSA Research Grant Goes to Ohio Northern U

The department of Biological & Allied Health Sciences at Ohio Northern University, Ada, Ohio, received the 2019 HSA Research Grant for their study of Comparative Antibiotic, Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Four Monarda Species. The research leaders are Vicki Motz, Linda Young, David Kinder, Jill Bennett-Toomey, and Kelly Hall.

Monarda, also known as bee balm, has extensive ethnobotanical history for anti-microbial and analgesic properties. As the need for new anti-inflammatories and antibiotics increases their research is especially relevant.


HSA Research grant

HSA Past President 2014-2016 Susan Liechty presents the first installment of the research grant. Pictured from left to right David Kinder, Linda Young, Susan Liechty, Vicki Motz, and Jill Bennett-Toomey

“This marks the 49th year that HSA has been offering this valuable grant” says Rie Sluder, president of The Herb Society of America. “We are so pleased to be able to offer this opportunity. It’s another way we further our mission. The work we support now has the potential to benefit many individuals in the future.”

This grant has recently funded such valuable projects as examining saffron as a viable and profitable farm crop in the colder climates of New England as well as studying effective fungicides in battling the phytophthora root and crown rot (PRCR) in English lavender and hybrid lavender (L. xintermedia) which is hurting southern growers and greenhouses.

The research grant selection committee included six HSA members including Jeanne Millin, Colonial Triangle Unit; Cathy Manus-Gray, member at large ; Joy Lilljedahl, Northern Texas Unit; John Peterson, member at large ; Priscilla Jones, Western Reserve Unit; and Jen Munson, NorthEast Seacoast Unit. According to Jen Munson, co-chair of the HSA Research Grant Committee, the committee of six reviewed more than two dozen strong applications. The applications were technical and detailed and required thoughtful analysis. It took the committee nearly six weeks to arrive at their final and very deserving selection.

About the HSA Research Grant

This grant is for the research of the horticultural, scientific, and/or social use of herbs throughout history. Research must define an herb as historically useful for flavoring, medicine, ornament, economic, industrial, or cosmetic purposes. Applicants may be students, professionals, or individuals and live in the United States.

Total grant amount is $5,000

The research grant is intended to support small, self-contained research projects over a short period of time. Allowable costs include:
• compensation for investigators
• professional and technical assistance
• research supplies and materials
• costs of computer time

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