Top 10 Herb Society Posts of 2018

The Herb Society of America’s most viewed blog posts of 2018 were the following. Written by a number of contributors they aimed to promote the essential experience of herbs from cultivation and use to learning and research, for members and the public throughout the United States.

1.       Elderberry – Scary and Delicious
2.       Mullein: Candles for Witches and the Cowboy’s Friend
3.       Add Lemongrass to Your Garden Plans
4.       Herb of the Month: Mexican Tarragon
5.       Jimson Weed is an American Patriot
6.       Chicory, Scrappy Yet Elegant
7.       Spooktacular Herbs for Halloween
8.       A Bewitching Reflection on the Season
9.       Looking to 2019 Herb of the Year: Anise Hyssop
10.   Celebrating Winter Solstice

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